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The Brisbane based Auric Group International Pty Ltd (Auric) was formed in 2008 to provide a commercial framework for a consortium of like minded highly experienced professionals and consulting companies in South East Queensland and around the globe. This consortium has been working collegially by accessing networks developed over the past few years to promote and provide opportunities within local, state and federal governments and within the commercial, mining and industrial sectors. This has culminated in the launch of the Auric business.

We focus on integrating our people into your business, project and culture. We believe that every client is unique and every situation is different. We believe in investing the time to develop a tailor-made solution for your specific needs, enabling best outcomes for your team, endeavour and ultimately your bottom line.

As well as being highly qualified professionals in their fields, our team also have considerable practical experience gained from working on some of the largest major infrastructure projects in Australia and around the world. We can apply local knowledge with an international perspective to key issues. The value adding support our associates have provided across a variety of industries and situations provides you confidence - you can rely on us to find the right person who will work within your business or project.


The directors of Auric aim to provide a personal service link. A director is assigned to manage each project providing clients a single point of contact. By working as an integral part of, not as an adjunct to your company, we will look to share knowledge and add value. Working in a collaborative partnership our services focus on discrete, direct tasks, with no conflicts of interest. Auric are actively involved in continuing professional and personal development programs, enabling the group to maintain current knowledge of industry and market trends and changes affecting industry.